We professionally install water filters on customer owned commercial coffee brewers, ice machines, and filtered water coolers and can continue to maintain your equipment with our ClearH2O service plan.

Coffee Brewers, Ice Machines, Filtered Water Coolers 
Key Features

Worldwide, it takes 18 billion barrels of oil to produce those 5-gallon plastic bottles.

A ClearH2O bottle less water system uses one-third (1/3) less power than other coolers.

No more water delivery trucks and
less gas consumption.

Go Bottleless
Go Bottleless
Go Bottleless

A ClearH2O system will eliminate:

The need for delivery services

The need to reserve valuable storage space for large water bottles. Paying deposits on water bottles. Costly pay-as-you-drink pricing.

Go Bottleless
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Cost Effective


More Sanitary

Easier to Maintain

Environmentally Friendly

Tastes Better


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Our Filtered Water Cooler Service

Bottleless Office Water Cooler Service in Denver, Boulder, and Fort Collins, Colorado

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ClearH2O Coolers is based in Louisville, CO. Since 2005 we have been leasing bottleless (filtered) water coolers to businesses throughout the Boulder, Denver, Colorado Springs and Fort Collins area. We are dedicated to providing our customers with exceptional purified drinking water without the nuisance and inconvenience of heavy, space consuming bottles.  


ClearH2O has become one of the fastest growing filtered water cooler companies in Colorado, servicing everything from local school districts to Fortune 500 companies. We pride ourselves on putting our customers first, and providing a consistent, high quality service. 

ClearH2O Coolers: The Clear Solution to Office Drinking Water

Significant Cost Savings:

ClearH2O Coolers will save you money- they typically cost 20%-70% less than bottled water and other filtered water cooler services. ClearH2O offers a "no contract" monthly rental fee for a high-quality water system that you can cancel at any time. This monthly charge includes all service, maintenance, and filter changes.


Superior Filtration Technology:

Our NSF-certified multi-stage filtration systems ensure clean, fresh, pure water. Our commercial grade water filtration systems remove harmful contaminants such as, (bacteria, cysts, organic and inorganic materials) while retaining trace elements of minerals.  


Connections to Coffee and Ice Machines:

ClearH2O connects coffee and ice machines to our water filtration systems at no extra charge.


Free Installation: 

ClearH2O water dispenser installations are always free of charge.  We can install our water coolers virtually anywhere in your building.  We install in conference rooms, lobby/reception areas, warehouses, classrooms, manufacturing facilities, and distribution areas.


Installation Process:

Our installations are performed using 1/4" food grade flexible tubing that runs from the water source to the water cooler. A typical installation involves installing a water filtration system under a breakroom sink, then running the filtered water line to the back of the cooler. Our installations are very similar to how your phone or cable lines have been run throughout your office and always concealed.  Installations take between 30-60 minutes.

ClearH2O is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service. We know what's important to you- making your business operate as smoothly and productively as possible.

Here is what you can expect from ClearH2O.