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The Advantages of Filtered Water Coolers

ClearH2O has become one of the fastest growing filtered water cooler companies in Colorado, servicing everything from local school districts to Fortune 500 companies. We pride ourselves on putting our customers first, and providing a consistent, high-quality service.  


ClearH2O provides many advantages over Bottled Water:

Cost Savings

20% - 70% Savings over Bottled Water Service

All The Delicious Purified Water Your Office Can Drink For About $1 A Day!


Bottle-Less Water Coolers are Maintenance Free

  • No Bottles

  • No Deliveries

  • No Running out of Water

  • No Storage Space Needed for Full and Empty Bottles

  • No Reconciliation of Confusing Monthly Invoices

98% Less Greenhouse Gas Emissions than Bottled Water Service


ClearH2O Coolers reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) by 98% compared to bottled water by eliminating the bottle manufacturing, bottling, storage, distribution, delivery of 5-gallon bottles, as well as the removal, recycling, or dumping of used bottles.

Environmentally Green Solution

Advanced Water Filtration Technology Provides Superior Tasting High Quality Water Filtered Freshly on Demand

Water Quality

Are you a progressive, cost conscious, Colorado business looking to reduce your environmental footprint, while staying hydrated? Did you know you can help minimize landfill waste, realize improved cost savings, and enjoy better than bottled water quality by leasing a bottle-less filtered water cooler?  


ClearH2O Coolers is a locally owned company that helps businesses reduce waste, eliminate lifting and storage of 5 gallon bottled water jugs, running out of water, and the high cost of bottled water delivery service. When your business chooses ClearH2O over bottled water, you help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 98%.  


Many Colorado companies have already made the decision to Go Green and Go Bottle-less and are very satisfied with our service.  Please call ClearH2O today and take a step toward greening up your office environment.

Did you know that according to National Geographic's Green Guide:

1.5 million tons of non-biodegradable plastic are used globally each year to manufacture plastic bottles. 38 billion bottles annually are then shipped to landfills where it takes them over 1000 years to decompose.


Most bottles are made of oil-derived polyethylene terephthalate, known as PET, which generates more than 100 times the toxic emissions than the same amount of glass bottles.


Long distance deliveries burn fossil fuels and result in the release of thousands of tons of harmful emissions; 22 million tons of bottled liquid is transferred each year from country to country.


Massive amounts of energy are used in water bottling plants throughout the US and the world.